nestegg advisory

Nestegg advisory is independent wealth management firm based in Chicago, Illinois. We are a small business with a big vision. We see a world full of people pursuing many paths to a simple shared goal of health, wealth and happiness. We believe in using technology, academics and empathy to further these common goals.

The financial services industry is confusing and overwhelming. Our job is to deconstruct complicated concepts and help you and your family make smart decisions with your money.

You are unique. That’s why we utilize a comprehensive process to ensure we are understanding, prioritizing and acting on what’s most important to you. We believe our role is to help you sort through these issues, and act as a sounding board for the tough life and retirement decisions you ultimately need to make.

Our goals are simple: to help clients address, prepare for and solve financial problems, to answer questions and execute strategies that can’t just be looked up on the internet, and to act as stewards for our clients and their families through good times and bad.

nestegg provides comprehensive wealth management to:

Individuals & Families


small business owners



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