Investment Strategy

When it comes to investing, nestegg builds portfolios that are based upon academic research, and determined by each client’s assets, liabilities, their goals, their tax situation and their need to access their investments in the future. We do not believe in the “active” approach of Wall Street firms, “tactical shifts”, “sector bets” or making investment decisions based on the “breaking news” cycles of financial media. We help clients tune out the noise and focus on what matters most to them.

When considering investment decisions for our clients, we focus on the factors that will best deliver successful outcomes. We look at the factors of risk and reward, asset allocation, credit quality and credit duration. We seek investments that have low costs, and low-turnover rates. And we rebalance portfolios periodically to make sure that they are aligned with our clients’ cash flow needs, as well as their “sleep number” for investment risk.

This disciplined approach leaves emotion out of the process, and allows clients to pursue their goals more confidently.

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